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Baidu" is the biggest forum in China, there will be easy for millions to search to know Stockpair is scam broker in China to prevent millions of people to be stolen money by Stockpair.For today’s discussion, we are specifically referring to Stockpair. For a while, we were hoping that this site/trading platform would be able to do what they were advertising to do. They gave the idea that their brokers were all professionals and that newbies would be able to have a demo account before deciding to pair up with a broker.StockPair has an innovative and very useful feature which allows for traders to trade Pair options. The option allows traders to bet on two stocks deciding which one will do better than the other in a specific time frame. In our test, we purchased Vodafone versus BT for larger margins at 93% payout. However.Editor’s Note- Why StockPair DOESN’T Suck in 50 Words. Simple put, StockPair is a different breed of binary options brokers. Unique Trading platforms, highly transparent, very accurate and such a user friendly platform, warm support and great tools. No wonder Stockpair is my first choice, and preferred broker. E-handel med wordpress. Nous avons fait du trade avec Stock Pair depuis environ six mois, et ce comparatif énumérera les avantages et les inconvénients de cette plateforme de trading.Lorsque vous aurez terminé de lire ce comparatif, vous devriez avoir toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin pour prendre une décision quant à savoir si vous devez utiliser Stock Pair ou non.Commençons par les bases, donc vous aurez une plateforme pour comprendre le reste de ce comparatif.Évidemment, Stock Pair se spécialise dans le trading en paire, comme vous l’aurez déjà constaté par son nom.

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Ce que cela signifie c’est que vous évaluez la force de certains stock s contre d’autres stocks et vous décidez lequel est le stock le plus fort.De ce point, vous prenez la décision si vous y allez ou pas avec cette paire de stock.Le dépôt minimum standard – 250€ – et la valeur minimale pour le trade est de 12€ et le maximum est fixé à 500€. StockPair is regulated by CySEC and is undergoing processes for British FCA. We have looked into user reviews in popular binary options forums and it seems its operation has been running smooth,most traders have no issue with withdrawals and overall happy with StockPair’s customer service.Stockpair assured me that the whole amount was recoverable and more! and that they would continue to work with me to help 'build my account back up'. Of course, this didn't materialise and very shortly after, I received the email to say that Stockpair was ceasing trading and I therefore could no longer use my trading account etc.Stockpair, brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd that provides financial services, is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC under license number 229/14. They represent a convenient, safe and fast platform in which real-time and accurate prices are provided by a unique patent pricing engine, thus a suitable, innovative and secure environment.

Par contre, si vous cherchez des petits trades ou des trades modérés, Stock Pair est votre plateforme.Aussi, ce n’est pas mal qu’ils offrent un bonus de dépôt, que nous verrons dans un instant.Stock Pair a plus de 90 actifs disponibles pour le trading, donc vous avez une grande variété de choix déjà. Cependant, ils en ajouteront dans un proche avenir.Ils ont à peu près tous les types d’actifs que d’autres courtiers binaires offrent – des grandes paires de Forex, des principaux stocks et commodités aux États-Unis, en Europe, en Asie et au Moyen-Orient.Stock Pair a créé sa proper plateforme de trading, et elle est assez fiable, basé sur notre propre usage.Il n’a pas eu de temps d’arrêt et il n’y a pas eu de retard dans l’exécution et les changements de tableau et le prix correspond au fil Reuters, qui est en fait assez rare dans l’industrie du trading binaire.

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Après que vous ayez fait vos recherches, vous aurez envie de faire votre premier dépôt, avec un minimum de 250€, mais vous aurez également envie d’investir autant que vous le pouvez parce qu’ils ont tous les types d’offres comme des bonus allant jusqu’à 100% sur votre premier dépôt.En ce qui concerne le retrait, cela fonctionne exactement comme il est censé le faire.Nous avons retiré un peu plus de 8000€ et il a fallu seulement 3 jours ouvrables et dans quelques cas seulement 24 heures. Yacht broker test. Stockpair is a binary options trading brand owned and operated by the. We've visited several blogs and forums to check authentic customer.StockPair is one of the most talked about and lauded binary options trading platforms in the industry today. It boasts clients in over 100 countries and claims to.Read here everything about StockPair withdrawal system. comments in review sites and forums, something that is definitely rare in the online trading world.

En ce qui concerne le soutien, ils sont tête et épaules au-dessus de plusieurs courtiers pour cela.Ils offrent le support par courriel, clavardage et par téléphone.Le clavardage est disponible seulement pendant certaines heures, mais les autres sont disponibles si le clavardage est déconnecté. Nifty f&amp o trading strategies nse. [[Ils ont aussi un guide en ligne pour enseigner aux nouveaux traders l’investissement en options binaires. Ils ont répondu à nos courriels en 24 heures à chaque fois, peu importe quelle était la question.Que Stock Pair soit pour vous ou non, c’est une question à laquelle vous répondrez par vous-même, mais nous pouvons définitivement les recommander comme un courtier solide et fiable avec une plateforme qui innove et une opération qui se fait en douceur.Ils ont des bons gains et le support est formidable.

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Si vous êtes un fan du trading financier, alors nous pensons que Stock Pair est un excellent choix pour vous. I started trading Binary option with since April 2017 after survey the market knowing that Stockpair is a good and reliable broker. On the 3rd months using their platform (June 2017), out of no where I received an email from their compliance department - stating that my trading account is now under review for trading activity which does not seem to comply with their Term and Conditions especially Clause 8, 11 and 12. Few days prior to this incident, my trading payout was reduced tremendously from 70-71% to only 63-64%.As explained by their customer service, ratio is changed from time to time without having to inform trader due to market conditions. And when I use different account to check the payout ratio, the ratio was totally different than mine. Few days later, compliance replied to me regarding the investigation - their verdict is that they have finished the review and said that I violated their T&C but they simply WILL NOT reveal what I have violated (in which i did not after reading their clauses on website) and in the email clearly stating that they WILL NOT communicate to me on any queries regarding this verdict (I have the right to know and fight for what is wrong and now I am just being shut off from communicating!My account remains 63-64% while the other account stands at 70-71% for same asset and same expiry time! ) In their email they mentioned all the trades taken after 18th April will be reversed, be it winning or losing trades all will be nullified.A day after, my trading account went from 3500USD to -273.60USD!

This is a total scam - without any proof they simply wiped out my account and take away all my winning profits and refusing me to get in contact with them. I have the last record of access to the account showing my requests for withdrawals, operations made.The account was simply terminated with fraud allegation!All binary options brokers are doing this to Brazilians who make money Https:// My last 3 trades were all winning trades with 15.80$ of profit each. Urdu forex v=o Uo96j R_Hu E&feature=I looged into my account some days before, just to find out that 60$ from my balance is missing. If my balance was correct, I would have been at negative balance before these last 3 trades.I have no open trades and I didn't withdraw any money. Stockpair answered: When you registered you was informed to read our terms and condition, you agreed to these terms and conditions upon registration.Please see section 18 of the terms and conditions: 18. You acknowledge and confirm that any trading account held with the Company in which you have not placed a trade for a period greater than one calendar quarter shall be classified by the Company as an Inactive Account.

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You further acknowledge and confirm that such Inactive Accounts will be subject to a monthly maintenance fee of 20 USD/GBP/EUR (according to the account currency).You further agree that any Inactive Accounts, having zero balance/equity, may also be considered as Dormant Accounts.You further acknowledge that any trading account held with the Company in which you have not placed any activity for a period of 5 months shall be classified by the Company as a Dormant Account, irrespective of any balance and maintenance fee applied. House broker games online. For the reactivation of an Inactive and/or Dormant Account you must contact the Company.The Inactive and/or Dormant Account will then be reactivated subject to, if required, up-to-date client identification documentation to be provided to the Company.These charges were made to your account due to inactivity maintenance fee's.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.I'm pledge guilty for relying on stockpairs good reputation instead of really having read every paragraph of their terms and conditions.But I'm even more guilty for having wasted my time on binary options and not learning how to trade the real markets instead! 3. handelsperiode cer umwandeln. O 24th August I have wired 5.500 $ to after a deal I made with my account manager.After my funds arrived to, they have decided to close my account because they no longer want me as their client because of an older chargeback ( I wonder why they haven't closed the account BEFORE asking for my funds? They closed my account and then promised that the funds will be sent back to me.I contacted them via numerous e-mails, live chat sessions, calls and told them that I haven't recived my funds. Review Moderation Team Note: The countries given in the reviews below yours are all correct. Do you always laugh at people who are complaining about smaller amounts of money being improperly taken?