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Promotional Card Japanese プロモーションカード Promotion Card is one of the five sets found in Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color. Many of these. The Game Boy-exclusive Legendary Cards are also included in this set.For Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy Color. Pack Contents -Card Guide -Promotional Cards -Promotional Card Locations.Promotional Cards. Amount of Cards 20. Like the normal Trading Card Game, there are numerous promotional cards that you can receive throughout the game.There are three trades that can be done in this manner, and you can only do one each time you load your save file up. One of these cards is a promotional card. Handelszeitung nationale suisse. Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy For a detailed walkthrough of Pokemon Trading Card Game, click. The cards will be different when the game is resumed. In the Mystery Pack you might find a LV.23 Promo Mew.Get the latest cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks. Pokemon Trading Card Game cheats & more for Game Boy GB. Lv. 12 Game Boy only or Japanese card Ivy Pikachu Lv. 16 Promo #1 Slowpoke Lv. 9.Download the game guide 'My Pokemon Trading Card Game Deck' for Pokemon. Game Boy. You can trade with him several times to get Promo Cards.

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Products. Troll and Toad keeps a large inventory of all Pokemon cards in stock at all times. Singles, Packs, Boxes and Precons all available here.Game Boy Submitted by Kyle Warner. Get Any Promotional Card. Take the. Take 59 of your ENERGY cards and 1 basic pokemon and make a deck with them.Pokémon Gameboy TCG Tips. PoJo Note Here's a killer tip for those of you starting a new game. To get. Also you can win any of the promo cards for prizes. Print brokers johannesburg. Credits/copyright ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. STORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE LEGEND UNFOLDS... It was just another typical day of Pokemon card trading with Ronald, a kid from your neighboorhood. One player worthy of the Legendary Cards and worthy of carrying on the legend! His name doesn't have to be Mark, you can change it to whatever you want at the begining of the game. Grand Masters: Courtry, Steve, Jack, and Rod are the Grand Masters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The controls: A button 1. "I wish I could have those cards," you say to yourself. I will be the player who defeats the Grand Masters and inherits the Legendary Pokemon Cards! Mark goes aroung trying to get the Legendary Pokemon Cards.

" But by the look on Ronald's face, you can tell he has the exact same idea! View explanations of the selected Pokemon Card or the contents of your deck. Use to veiw the Play Area screen, your play area or your opponent's Play Area. Online forex brokers in singapore. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. WALKTHRU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Map of the World: 12. Challenge Hall Walkthru CHAPTER 1: Learning to Play Whem you start the game, you are in Dr. He will tell you how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Sam opponent's deck: Sam's Practice Deck Prizes: 2 Gift: nothing note: Dr. Bulbasaur & Friends Deck: Grass, Lightning, Psychic types.

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Squirtle & Friends Deck: Fire,water, and lightning types. 1 worst-10 best Charmander & Friends Deck: ***** It plays more than one type of ENERGY. The three choices are: Charmander & Friends Deck: Grass, Fire, and water types. Squirtle & Friends Deck: ******* Would be eight if it included Seel Dewgong. Bulbasaur & Friends Deck: ****** Playing with three types of energy. If you still don't get how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game: A. Koko trading erfahrungen. Members: Sara, Amamda, Joshua Club Master: Amy Members of the Water Club are easy to beat, with the exception of Amanda, who is hard to beat because she has Scyther and Wigglytuff. Types of Pokemon used: Water with a mixture of some types. Now if you know how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, leave Dr. (Point 2) CHAPTER 2: The Water Club Water Club Point on the map: point 2. When you beat Sara and Amanda, Joshua still won't let you through. Members: Brittany, Heather, Kristin Club Master: Nikki In the Grass Club, the girls use Grass Pokemon.

Geek out and get the best value on Wizards Black Star Promos Meowth - 10 - Pokemon Trading Card Game Game Boy for only CAD$ 5.99 at Face to Face.The game had a promotional Pokémon Card of Meowth shipped with it. Pokémon Trading Cards, plus new cards exclusive to the Game Boy.Rare Meowth Holo Rare Pokemon Card Promo Black Star 10 Game Boy PSA. Pokemon Promo Holo Card #10 Black Star Set Game Boy GB Stamped TCG. [[ She will return to the club where you can battle her. 's house if one of the three memberes did not tell you. chapter 4: The Fire Club Fire Club Point on map: point 4 Types of Pokemon used: Fire, Fighting,colorless members: John, Adam, Jonathan Club Master: Ken This is the Fire Club. Adam Opponent's Deck: Flamethrower Deck Prizes: 4 gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs Battle 12! Jonathan Opponent's Deck: Reshuffle Deck Prizes: 4 gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs Battle 13! Ken Opponent's Deck: Fire Charge Deck Prizes: 6 gift: Fire Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs Now that you have your third medal, save your game and go out to the first room and you'll meet Ronald! Nikki Opponent's Deck: Flower Power Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: Grass Medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs Now with your second medal in hand, you can now leave the Grass Club. Ronald Opponent's Deck: I'm Ronald Deck Prizes: 6 gift: Promo Card # P15, Jigglypuff Lv. If you lose, you won't get the card but you will get another chance later... If you can beat three opponent's, you'll get a Promo # P13 Mewtwo Lv.

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chapter 5: The Rock Club Rock Club Point on Map: point 5 Types of Pokemon used: Rock, Fire members: Matthew, Andrew, Ryan Club Master: Gene The Rock club is right under ??? Before you go to battle in this club, talk to the red haired girl in the lobby. You do not need to beat them to challenge the Club Master. So go and battle the other members and maybe he'll be done with his task. ( The challenge cup is three battles so now this is 22! Jennifer Opponent's Deck: Pikachu Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs note: Becareful of her Flying Pikachu, which is RESISTANT by fighting. Matthew, the first member of the Rock club, is in the lobby. Matthew Opponent's Deck: Hard Pokemon Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs The next two members are in the top room. chapter 6: The Lightning Club Lightning Club point on map: point 6 Types of Pokemon used: Lightning, fighting, colorless members: Jennifer, Brandon, Nicholas Club Master: Isaac In the lightning club, Isaac is busy. Brandon Opponent's Deck: Power Generator Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs Battle 24! Nicholas Opponent's Deck: Boom Boom Selfdestruct Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs Now talk to Isaac. Akku handel schweiz. Andrew Opponent's Deck: Blistering Pokemon Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs Battle 17! Ryan Opponent's Deck: Excavation Deck Prizes: 3 Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs Battle 18! Gene Opponent's Deck: Rock Crusher Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: Rock Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs Now you've gotten your fourth medal. Now save your game because now your going to face Ronald again. ] Prizes: 6 Gift: Promo P18 Super Energy Retrieval You do not have to win this battle. Isaac Opponent's Deck: Zapping Selfdestruct Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: lightning medal, 2 Mystery booster Packs note: Watch out for his DEFENDER SELFDESTRUCT COMBO, where he attaches Defender to a Pokemon, uses Selfdestruct, and survives. Ronald Opponent's Deck: ( a CONTROL deck) [don't know name! Chapter 7: The Science club Science Club Point on the map: point 7 types of Pokemon used: grass, colorless, lightning, psychic members: Erik, David, Joseph Club Master: Rick In the Science Club, you do not have to face Erik or David. If you beat him, you can go to the Club Master, Rick. Once you win, Joseph will let you pass and go to Rick.

Erik Opponent's Deck: Posion Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs Battle 31! David Opponent's Deck: Lovely Nidoran Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs Battle 32! Joseph Opponent's Deck: Flyin' Pokemon Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Labratory Booster Packs, Aloud to pass to Rick Note: He plays alot of flying Pokemon that are resistant to fighting. Rick Opponent's Deck: Wonders of Science Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: Science Medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs. Chapter 8: The Fighting Club Fighting Club Point on the map: point 8 types of Pokemon used: Fighting, lightning, colorless members: Michael, Chris, Jessica Club Master: Mitch When you go to the Fighting Club, Mitch tells you that you must beat his pupils to challenge him. Michael Opponent's Deck: Heated Battle Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs After losing, Michael returns to the Fighting Club. Mass effect lair of the shadow broker download. Chris Opponent's Deck: Musceles for Brains Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs note: He plays some colorless, which are resistant of Psychic. Jessica Opponent's Deck: Love to Battle Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs After losing, Jessica returns to the Fighting Club. Mitch Opponent's Deck: First-Strike Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: Fighting Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs Now you have your seventh medal! Chapter 9: Psychic Club Psychic Club Point on Map: point 9 types of Pokemon used: Psychic, colorless, grass members: Robert, Stephanie, Daniel Club Master: Murray Before you go to battle, go in the lobby and talk to an old man.

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You do not have to face the members to challenge Murray. Grand Masters: Courtry, Steve, Jack, Rod At Pokemon Dome, check the computer for mail. After that, go to the door and open it with A button. Robert Opponent's Deck: Ghost Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs note: He's playing with Psychic, colorless, and grass. 60 version A Chapter 10: The Grand Masters Pokemon Dome Point on map: point 10 types of Pokemon used: You're about to find out! Courtry Opponent's Deck: Legendary Moltres Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: nothing note: Uses fire Pokemon Battle 43! Steve Opponent's Deck: Legendary Zapdos Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: nothing note: Uses Lightning Pokemon Battle 44! Jack Opponent's Deck: Legendary Articuno Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: nothing note: Uses water Pokemon Battle 45! Rod Opponent's Deck: Legendary Dragonite Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: nothing note: uses water, fire, and colorless Pokemon. Stephanie Opponent's Deck: Strange Power Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Labratory Booster Packs Battle 40! Daniel Opponent's Deck: Nap Time Deck Prizes: 4 Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs note: Uses Pokemon that can put other Pokemon to sleep. Don't forget to talk to the old man after beating Murray, he will give you a Promo # P12 Mewtwo Lv. Murray Opponent's Deck: Strange Psyshock Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: Pshchic medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs note: Watch out for his DAMAGE SWAP COMBO, where he builds up damage on Alakazam, and uses Damage Swap to move it to different Pokemon. Now that you have your last medal, you can go to the Grand Masters! Chapter 12: Champion After you beat Ronald, go up to the next room. Ronald opponent's Deck: Legendary Ronald Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: nothing note: uses Legendary Birds and other strong Pokemon Now you beat him and you get the cards!!!

Promo cards pokemon trading card game gameboy

You may have gotten the Legendary Pokemon Cards, but the game isn't over!, for letting me post this on their site. Credits/Copyright This guide is copyright by me, Lugia Master. Any other copy is ileagl Credits Me, for writing this walkthru You, for reading this walkthru Wizards of the Coast, for making Pokemon TGC Nintendo, for making Pokemon Nintendo/Creatures inc./GAME FREAK inc., for making this game. Mime ***** Mewtwo ***** Pidgeot *** Spearow * Fearow *** Clefable **** Doduo ** Dodrio **** Ditto ** Porygon x TRAINERS Imposter Professor Oak *** Lass * Super Energy Removal **** Pokedex x Devolution Spray * Maintenance * Gambler ** Recycle *** Promo Set POKEMON Arcanine **** Moltres ***** Articuno ***** Pikachu lv. 16 (B) *** Flying Pikachu **** Surfing Pikachu (A) *** Surfing Pikachu (B) *** Electabuzz ** Zapdos ***** Slowpoke ** Mewtwo (A) ***** Mewtwo (B) ***** Mew ***** Jigglypuff ** Dragonite ***** TRAINERS Super Energy Retrieval **** Imakuni? ) Venusaur ***** Mew ***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Deck Prizes: 6 Gift: 1 of each booster pack/ third and sixth time you beat him: Promo # P17 Imakuni? Mason has a Battle Machine now where you have to battle five random people with one deck. Fugi *** Mysterious Fossil x Energy Removal **** Pokemon Center ** ENERGY Double Colorless Energy ***** Laboratory set POKEMON Ekans ** Arbok ** Zubat ** Golbat *** Venonat ** Venomoth **** Grimer ** Muk ***** Koffing ** Weezing *** Tangela ** Ninetales ** Magmar *** Psyduck ** Golduck **** Poliwag ** Poliwhirl **x Poliwrath ****x Tentacool x Tentacruel *x Horsea ** Seadra *** Magnemite ** Magneton **** Electrode **** Onix ** Marowak *** Hitmonlee ***** Slowpoke ** Slowbro *** Gastly *** Haunter * Hypno *** Mr. _____ I KEY I ----- *=1 x=1/2 ratings are on a 1-5 scale Colosseum Set POKEMON Nidoran (male) ** Nidorino **** Tangela ** Syther **** Pinsir *** Charmander ** Charmeleon *** Growlithe **** Arcanine ****x Ponyta **x Magmar ****x Seel **** Dewgong ***** Goldeen *** Seaking ***x Staryu *** Magikarp x Gyarados ***** Pikachu ** Riachu *** Magnemite ** Magneton **** Elwctabuzz ***** Zapdos ***** Diglett ** Dugtrio **** Machop *x Hitmonchan ****x Abra * Kadabra *** Rattata ** Raticate **** Jigglypuff **x Wigglytuff ****x Meowth *x Chansey ***** Kangaskhan ***** Snorlax ***** TRAINERS Professor Oak ***** Bill ***** Switch *** Poke Ball *** Scoop Up **x Computer Search **** Plus Power ***** Defender ***** Item Finder ** Potion *** Full Heal *** Revive *** ENERGY Grass Energy ***** Fire Energy ***** Water Energy ***** Lightning Energy ***** Fighting Energy ***** Psychic Energy ***** Evolution set POKEMON Bulbasaur **x Ivysaur *** Venusaur ***** Caterpie x Metapod * Butterfree *** Weedle * Kakuna x Beedrill **** Nidoking ***** Bellsprout ** Weepinbell ** Victreebell **** Charizard ***** Rapidash **** Flareon **** Squirtle ** Wartortle *** Blastiose ***** Krabby ** Kingler **** Starmie **** Vaporeon **** Jolteon **** Sandshrew ** Sandslash **** Machoke **** Machamp ***** Geodude x Gravler ** Golem *** Cubone * Marowak ** Gastly * Haunter ** Gengar ****x Jynx **x Pidgey * Pidgeotto *** Pidgeot ***** Jigglypuff ** Eevee ** TRAINERS Pokemon Trader **** Pokemon Breeder ***** Clefairy Doll * Energy Retrieval ** Energy Search *** Gust of Wind ** Super Potion **** Pokemon Flute x Mystery Set POKEMON Nidoran (Female) *** Nidorina *** Nidoqueen ***** Oddish ** Gloom * Vileplume ***** Paras ** Parasect *** Exeggcute ** Exeggutor ***** Vulpix ** Ninetales **** Flareon **** Moltres ***** Shellder * Cloyster ***x Lapras ***** Vaporeon **** Omanyte *x Omastar ***x Articuno ***** Pikachu ** Riachu ***** Voltorb * Electrode *** Jolteon ***** Zapdos ***** Mankey x Primeape ** Ryhorn ** Rydon **** Kabuto ** Kabotops **** Aeodactyl ***** Alakazam ***** Drowzee * Mew ***** Clefairy *x Meowth ** Persian *** Farfetch'd ** Lickitung ** Tauros *** Dratini *x Dragonair ***x Dranonite ****x TRAINERS Mr.