Switzerland tél. +41 24 425 84 84 fax. +41 24 425 84 85 info@français. english IMPORTANT. If you are contacting KC Swiss Trade SA to see if we are looking for new employee in the US or in any other countries. It’s wrong! Some persons intend to use the name of KC Swiss Trade SA without authorization. It’s a FRAUD!Presentation Our serious and our experience to serve our customers. KC Swiss Trade S. A. is a Swiss company specialized in the field commercial and the services which are referred to it. The company founded in 2005 is held by its founders and administrators.KC Swiss Trade SA operates in the sector Trading with various goods. The company was founded on. The company has last changed their commercial register entry on, under SOGC notifications you will find all changes. KC Swiss Trade SA is registered in the Canton of VD under the UID CHE-112.417.100.Details of KC Swiss Trade SA in Yverdon-les-Bains Address, Telephone number, E-mail, Fax Software robot forex gratis. City Trade & Investment SA is the trading arm of City Investment Holding SA, a registered company based in Geneva/Switzerland.City Trade & Investment SA is specialized in international petroleum trading, particularly in refined oils and lubricants.Other than international trading, City Trade & Investment SA is also experienced in storing activities and risk management.Moreover, City Trade & Investment SA is also looking for the opportunities in the trading of other commodities, especially precious metals.

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We stir up your future. The swisstrade/Kompass B2B directory helps you reach potential customers in Switzerland and throughout the world without spreading loss, and exactly at the right time – when they are looking for service providers.The 2018 annual report on Swiss foreign trade not only provides an overview, but also shows the development of foreign trade by goods, continent and country.The relationship between our company MMK Trading AG, Zug, Switzerland and the company DP Trade S. A. started almost 10 years ago and has been successfully continuing through good and bad market conditions. The cooperation with DP Trade is highly recommended by our company. Share brokers wellington new zealand. Providing a wide variety of qualities, grades and shapes of metal products we are striving to anticipate the future needs of our customers and manufacturing partners in a highly dynamic and competitive market. Finally, Rolle hosts a number of European head offices of large international companies. Nevertheless, one can find everything one needs (schools, shops, banks, light industries, craftsmen, hotels).

Everyone agrees that life is very enjoyable in the region of Rolle. Rolle has never developed in a disproportionate way. We will assist you all the way through : from the very beginning to the finalization of your project ! Today, there are almost 6000 inhabitants called "Les Rollois". The city of Rolle has been created by Louis II de Savoie in 1330. P forex traden. Our office is located in Rolle, a small town between Geneva and Lausanne.LAD TRADE SA is specialized in the international trading of raw materials and more specifically of: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals: – Steel coils (HRC, CRC, Galvanized, Strip, etc.) – Steel billets – Wire rod (hard, medium-hard, soft) – Ingots (tin, antimony, zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.) – Tinplate – Ferrous and non-ferrous powders – Various steel products (beams, rods, etc.) – Steel Rebars Mining Products: – Rock Phosphate – Clinker – Portland Gray Cement – Iron-ore – Plastic resins – Petrochemicals – Chemicals – Phytosanitary products – Textile raw materials – Rock phosphate – Phosphate by-products (DAP, MAP, TSP, SSP) – Fertilizer commodities (Urea, MOP, SOP, Sulfur) – Specialties and solubles (SOP soluble, Magnesium sulfate, Tech MAP, etc) LAD TRADE SA is a keen supporter of the trade label “North-South and South-North” avoiding wherever possible the one-way trade.Our ideology is based on the strong desire to encourage the economic development of our customers.Consequently, our export department with its elaborated strategies is at the entire disposal of our clients, assisting them with the marketing of their products on an international scale.

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LAD TRADE SA operates globally but with a particular focus and privileged connections in the following countries: Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Oman, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Germany.Do not hesitate to contact our sister company CDT INTER SA regarding turnkey factory projects or company representation Our interdisciplinary team composed of a range of European experts and experienced engineers operates together with the local teams.LAD TRADE SA has finalized a number of turnkey factories internationally and thus has a strong experience in the field. Postfinance aktienhandel. Make a statement with diamond rings, jewellery, watches and a range of fashion jewellery trends. Browse our collections online at American Swiss.Grund Handelsregister Mutationen - Eingetragene Personen KC Swiss Trade SA, à Yverdon-les-Bains, CH-550-1044369-0, exportation et distribution de tout bien et produit suisses FOSC du, p. 23/5683430.SAT Swiss Agri-Trading SA is a supplier of rice and other agri products and is active at every stage of the supply chain. Our experience will help you grow your business.

Your personal choice includes the classic scenic routes, the public transport systems of 90 Swiss cities, and gives you 50% discount on most mountain-top trains and cable cars.To top it off, you will profit from free entry to approx. And children up to 16 years of age travel free, as long as at least one parent accompanies them.Booking: *Youth Pass: valid for young people under 26 years of age Up to 50% reduction on travel by train, bus and boat as well as most cable cars and public transport in over 90 cities. [[Sold in Switzerland and in many travel agencies in Europe.Allow other users to connect with you by administrating this profile. The administrator profiles have priority over other search results.Administering this profile may update, supplement or delete it.

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I have done business with DP Trade team since many years, at times we could do it, other times conditions were not there….however, we are always in close touch as they are an open and in-depth source of information. The relationship between our company MMK Trading AG, Zug, Switzerland and the company DP Trade S. started almost 10 years ago and has been successfully continuing through good and bad market conditions.The cooperation with DP Trade is highly recommended by our company.The swisstrade/Kompass B2B directory helps you reach potential customers in Switzerland and throughout the world without spreading loss, and exactly at the right time when they are looking for service providers. Alpari jforex platform. Swisstrade is the leading Internet portal for the global presentation of Swiss export companies.Company information, collaborative ventures, business opportunities, how to do business in and with Switzerland these are just some of the features of this electronic gateway, which links the international business world to Switzerland. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust.

Click on a page below to get started, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Switzerland that best meet your needs.We use a range of cookies to give you the best possible browsing experience.By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Handel deutsch. You can view our cookie policy and edit your settings here, or by following the link at the bottom of any page on our site.Mit dem swisstrade/ Kompass B2B-Verzeichnis erreichen Sie Ihre potenziellen Kunden in der Schweiz und weltweit ohne Streuverlust, genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, nmlich dann, wenn diese auf Anbietersuche sind.Swisstrade ist das führende Internetportal für die weltweite Präsentation der schweizerischen Aussenwirtschaft.

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Firmeninformationen, Kooperations- und Geschäftschancenbörse, how to do business in and with Switzerland sind dabei nur einige Features des elektronischen Gateways der internationalen Geschäftswelt in die Schweiz.Sehr geehrter Benutzer, sehr geehrte Benutzerin Die Bundesbehörden setzen für den Schutz der Internetauftritte Systeme ein, welche die Zugriffe auf Ihre Korrektheit hin überprüfen.Der von Ihnen durchgeführte Zugriff wurde als unkorrekt eingestuft und daher blockiert. Hitachi cloud service broker. Falls Sie der Ansicht sind, dass Sie Zugriff auf die blockierte Seite haben sollten, so wenden Sie sich bitte unter der Angaben der Nummer C-15198581554396147021 per E-Mail an das Service Desk des Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation.Wir werden diesen Vorfall gerne überprüfen und Sie anschliessend innerhalb von einer Woche benachrichtigen.Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation BIT Chères utilisatrices, chers utilisateurs, Les autorités fédérales mettent en place un système de protection des accès sur les pages internet.

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L'accès que vous avez demandé a été classifié comme incorrect et de ce fait a été bloqué.Dans le cas où vous pensez que vous devriez avoir accès à la page bloquée, nous vous prions de vous adresser par e-mail au Service Desk de l'OFIT en mentionnant le numéro C-15198581554396147021 qui apparaît dans le message.Le cas sera examiné et vous recevrez une réponse dans un délai d'une semaine. Banc de binary limassol cyprus. Office fédéral de l'informatique et des télécommunications Gentili utilizzatrici, Egregi utilizzatori, Le autorità federali hanno implementato un sistema di protezione degli accessi sulle pagine internet.L'accesso da voi richiesto è stato classificato come incorretto e pertanto è stato bloccato.In caso che pensiate che dovreste avere l'accesso a questa pagina bloccata, vi preghiamo di contattarci tramite e-mail a Service Desk dell'UFIT, menzionando nel testo il numero C-15198581554396147021 che appare nel messaggio.